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ProX ATV MX – High Point – Round 5 – Natalie takes 5th

By May 21, 2016AMA

Mount Morris, PA – It would not take long for Wienen and Hetrick to pull a large gap over the rest of the field leaving a battle for third. Maxxis/Root River Racing/JB Racing’s Thomas Brown led both Maxxis/FLY Racing/Baldwin Motorsports’ John Natalie and Savage Motorsports/Maxxis/Walsh Racecraft/Elka Suspension/BCS Performance’s Ronnie Higgerson.

Brown would end up finishing seventh in the second moto putting him just off the podium with fourth overall. Natalie claimed fifth overall with 4-6 moto finishes. After putting forth an impressive ride in the second moto Upperman would cross the line in fourth ranking him sixth overall.

RacerTV provided over six hours of LIVE streaming including both pro motos. To view the races as an archived video please click HERE. Make sure to tune into MAVTV on Saturday, July 23 for a highlight show.

For more information on the 2016 ProX ATV Motocross National Championship, visit the official series website at www.atvmotocross.com. Join the conversation on the series Facebook page, follow on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to always hashtag #ATVMX.

High Point Raceway
Mount Morris, Pennsylvania
Round 5 of 12
Saturday, May 21

2016 AMA Pro Class Event Results:

  1. Joel Hetrick (2-1)
  2. Chad Wienen (1-2)
  3. Ronnie Higgerson (5-3)
  4. Thomas Brown (3-7)
  5. John Natalie (4-6)
  6. Josh Upperman (7-4)
  7. David Haagsma (8-5)
  8. Brett Musick (9-8)
  9. Nick Moser (10-9)
  10. Nick Gennusa (6-14)

Overall National Championship Standings:

  1. Chad Wienen (214)
  2. Joel Hetrick (186)
  3. John Natalie (149)
  4. Thomas Brown (147)
  5. Jeffrey Rastrelli (140)
  6. Josh Upperman (139)
  7. Nick Gennusa (127)
  8. David Haagsma (104)
  9. Brett Musick (102)
  10. Ronnie Higgerson (94)

SSi Decals Holeshot Award Standings:

  1. Chad Wienen (6)
  2. Joel Hetrick (4)
  3. John Natalie (3)
  4. David Haagsma (1)

Full days race report can be found HERE. Courtesy of Chelsea Taylor.